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Winter is coming! How to prevent water damages from cold.

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

The results of a frozen hose bib! This is the interior wall behind a frozen hose bib in Advance North Carolina

Its that time of year again.  We are approaching the middle of January and the forecasted temperatures are creeping lower and lower.  That means we need to protect ourselves from the effects of freezing temperatures around your Advance and Bermuda Run, North Carolina homes.  Make sure that all your water hoses on the exterior of your home are unscrewed from the spigot.  Many people mistakenly believe that their hose bib will protect them from frozen pipes.  However, if you leave your hose attached to your spigot, the water inside the hose will freeze and expand into your hose bib where the resulting pressure will cause a split in the pipe.  May people will not discover that they have this problem until they turn on the spigot in the spring time to water the flowers of wash the car.  The split in the pipe occurs inside the wall in front of the hose bib cut off and is not evident until the water is turned on again and it begins to flood the wall cavity.  We can prevent this problem simply by unscrewing our hoses from the spigot.  Make sure that if you are traveling or you maintain a vacation home that your water is turned off at the supply to prevent an uninterrupted leak in your absence.  You may even consider draining your water lines and hot water tank until you return.  Place a cup full of RV antifreeze in all sink/tub drains and toilets to prevent the water left in the bowls an p-traps from freezing.  Your best defense against freezing pipes and the resulting damage is a good offense.  If you experience water damage this winter or any other time of the year call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties for your mitigation needs.

Water damages can sneak up on you!

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

cartoon with man standing in waist deep water Dont end up like this homeowner, learn the locations of the water cut offs in your Sparta NC home.

Are you aware of the potential origins of water damages in your home?  Do you know how to cut off the water supply to your home in the event of an emergency?  Should you cut off your water if you are going to be away from home for more than an overnight trip?  Most all of our homes enjoy the (usually) uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water for bathing, cooking, cleaning and drinking but all the sources of water in your home are also potential water damages.

Your sinks, toilets, washing machines and ice makers all have water supply lines bringing them H20.  These supply lines are prone to breakdown with old age and or improper installation.  Periodically inspect and change all supply lines at these areas along with their cut offs. 

All water sources with the exception of your ice maker line also have an accompanying drain line that flows to the sewer or septic system in your home.  The p-traps and wax seals on these drain lines are also susceptible to breakdown with old age and use, possibly more so due to the fact  they are sometimes located unseen,  inside wall cavities or crawlspaces.

The interior water cutoff in your home is usually located just inside an exterior wall where your water supply line from city water or a well are brought into your residence. If you don’t know where yours are located or you are unfamiliar with their use you should immediately learn their locations and how to manipulate the cut off valves to turn them off.  In an emergency situation this can save you from many more thousands of gallons of water from coming into your home while you await a plumber.

 Always cut off the water supply to you home if you are going to be away any longer than overnight to protect yourself from an uninterrupted pipe failure.  If you have well water you should be able to cut off the disconnect/circuit breaker to your well pump if you are going to be away from home. City water will have a meter just inside your yard close to the street.  Your water can be shut off here if you are unable to find or reach your interior cut off.  These cut offs sometimes a special tool you can purchase at any hardware store.

Always make it a point to inspect the crawlspace or basement of your home periodically for unseen leaks from supply and drain lines.  Also look for any sign of water intrusion from the exterior of your home and take steps to ensure the proper drainage of your gutters and french drains away from your foundation.

Learning and observing these simple steps in your Sparta, NC home can protect and limit your property loss from water damage. Call SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties, 336 677 1415 to assist with any water or mold damages.

What about the water you don’t see?

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

Water beneath vinyl and laminate flooring This home in Roaring Gap, NC had unseen water betweeen the subfloor and sheet vinyl and laminate flooring.

Your tub has overflowed or you have a leaking supply line to your toilet.  You see water in the floor so you get out some old towels and maybe your shop vacuum and clean up the visible water.  Everything is good now right?  What about the water you don’t see.  More than likely the water that flowed out onto your floor also flowed out to the wall and underneath the baseboard.  When it hit the baseboard it then flowed against the drywall and subfloor, wicking its way up between the drywall and base molding.  It is pulled underneath the vinyl flooring or ceramic tile via capillary action.  It flows down the wall and sill plate until it reaches the carpet pad and it again flows between the pad and the subfloor.  The water reaches a joint between two pieces of subfloor and begins to run between them and fall onto the suspended ceiling in the finished basement, or it flows into the crawlspace and soaks your insulation. It is the water you don’t see and are unable to clean up that will cause secondary damage and mold growth if it is not found and dried properly.  SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties has the ability to find this hidden water and develop a drying plan to remove it from your home.  Our technicians are equipped with state of the art meters and cameras that ensure that no areas of possible water intrusion are over looked.  If you have experienced water damage in your Roaring Gap or Glade Valley home then call SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties, 336 677 1415 to make sure there are no pockets of water left undetected.

What to do until help arrives: Fire damage in Advance, NC

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage home, Advance NC The damage in this home in Advance was caused by a dryer fire.

What should you do or not do if you come home to your Advance, NC home to find you have suffered fire damage. Follow these tips to stay safe and protect your home.


  • Limit movement in and around your home to prevent soot particles from being ground into your carpet and upholstery.
  • Keep your hands clean, Soot soiled hands can create worse staining on walls and furniture.
  • Use cardboard, old towels or poly sheeting to cover traffic areas.
  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer if your power is disrupted and prop open the doors to prevent odor.
  • Wipe soot particles from kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances and wipe with a lubricant to preserve the finish.
  • Drain your water lines and hot water tank to avoid freezing pipes.
  • Tape double layers of cheese cloth over registers to prevent soot particles from further contamination your HVAC system.
  • Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, 336 677 1415 to help fix your fire damage.


  • Do not wash any walls or clean carpets, improper cleaning may set stains from the soot.
  • Eat or save any of the food in the home during the fire.
  • If water was used to extinguish the fire do not attempt to turn on appliances or ceiling fans.
  • Wash clothing and textiles, improper cleaning may set stains from soot particles.
  • Turn on ceiling fans or lights where ceilings are affected.

Some tips to prevent sewage back ups in your Bermuda Run NC home.

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Sewage back up form toilet This toilet back up from a blockage in the septic lines in Bermuda Run, NC
  • Never flush anything other than toilet paper down the drain. Even “flush-able wipes” should never go into the toilet.  They should be disposed of in a trash receptacle only.
  • Use a strainer to prevent most hair from going down the drain in the tub and shower and dispose of the collected hair in the trash.
  • We will say it again; never ever flush paper towels down the toilet. They do not break down when flushed and will block your drain lines.
  • Tree roots can and will grow into your sewage lines, causing blockages. The older your home the more you need to address trees and roots located in proximity to your drain pipes.
  • Hot grease in your drain will solidify when it comes in contact with the water in your p-traps and sewage lines creating a solid mass of grease that is not water soluble. Let grease cool and dispose of it in your trash receptacle to prevent back ups.

Remember to contact your local SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties for assistance! We are always here to help!! 336 677 1415

What to do until help arrives: Water damage in Wilkesboro

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Damaged ceiling in Wilkesboro Water damage in Wilkesboro North Carolina

What should you do or not do if you come home to your Wilkesboro home to find standing water in your home?  Follow these tips to stay safe and protect your home.


  • Shut off the source! If you don’t know how or where your water shut off is, find it today! If you can not shut it off call a plumber.
  • Cut power to wet areas by killing the circuit breakers, assuming the access to the fuse box is safe.
  • Mop/shop vac up as much excess water as possible.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture.
  • Remove and stack furniture cushions to allow air circulation to aid in drying.
  • Place aluminum foil under the legs of furniture in wet areas.
  • Remove and secure valuable and moisture sensitive items
  • Secure long draperies out of reach of wet flooring
  • Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, 336 677 1415 to help fix your water damage.


  • Enter rooms with standing water until electricity has been turned off.
  • Leave books, newspapers, or other colored items on wet flooring to prevent stains.
  • Use televisions, computers or other electrical items while standing carpet of flooring.
  • Enter rooms with sagging/wet ceilings
  • Turn on ceiling fans or lights where ceilings are affected

What about my floors?

8/30/2019 (Permalink)

Hardwood floor slats torn from floor This hardwood floor was damaged by a broken supply line.

One of the first questions often asked of SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties technicians when they enter a customer’s home or business is, “does my flooring have to come out?”.  A lot of the times that answer is yes.  Ultimately this answer comes down to two factors. 1.  What type of flooring you have and 2. The source of the water.  Most flooring does not react well to contact with water.  Almost all of your laminate floorings would require removal regardless of the water source.  The same is true of some carpets, especially ones that are latex backed (latex is water soluble).  Even when the source of the water is not an issue and you have flooring that will stand up to water damage it still may be necessary to remove your flooring in order to save/prevent damage to your subfloor. The source of water can also have an effect on the ability of the restoration contractor to save your flooring.  Clean water (category one) from a broken supply line can sometimes be dried without removal of carpet or pad, but if there is a vapor barrier present (some pad has a plastic lining over it) it will prevent it from drying out and will create the risk of secondary damage and mold growth if left I n place.  The same goes for vinyl flooring.  The vinyl is a vapor barrier and will prevent the effective drying of materials beneath it.  Category two (gray water, think used bath water) and category three (black water, think sewage or flood waters) are significantly more contaminated than category one water.  In the case of category three water it is treated as sewage contamination and any flooring contacted would be removed with the exception of ceramic tile, as non porous materials can be cleaned and sanitized.  In other words, your technician will make a decision based on a number of factors and then advise you on the recommended course of action to best mitigate your damages and protect your health and safety.  Should water damage become at issue at your properties, contact our team at SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties for help, 336 677 1415.

Advance and Bermuda Run Homeowners, do you know what your homeowners policy covers?

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Possible coverage issues in Bermuda Run?

Do you know what you homeowners insurance covers?  Many of us lay our heads down at night comforted by the knowledge that should something happen to our home it will be covered under our homeowners insurance policy.  Homeowners insurance is a must have for anyone that owns a home, whether your have a mortgage or not. Your coverage should bring you considerable piece of mind, but there are things that are not covered on your typical homeowners policy.  Some of these items we have covered before, but these issues are so important that we like to revisit them. For Example:

  • Earthquakes/Floods. Earthquake coverage has to be purchased as a separate policy or as an add-on to you standard policy.  The same goes for flood insurance which must be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Sewage Backups: Sewage backups are not typically covered under your standard policy.  Coverage for a sewage back up must be purchased separately.  This coverage should be purchased or added to any homeowners policy. 
  • Termite/Bug damage: Termite and bug damage are considered by the insurance industry to be preventable and as such would not be covered.  Make sure you have a termite inspection as a regularly scheduled part of your home maintenance plan.
  • Burt Pipes: Most burst pipes are covered as “sudden and accidental” however if your insurance adjuster inspects the damages and determines that it is the result of a lack of maintenance then they would not cover the event.
  • Trampolines: Some policies exclude items that they deem to be at a greater risk of causing injury such as trampolines or a diving board at your back yard pool.

In order to make sure you are not exposed to these non-covered items, schedule a meeting with your insurance agent and discuss the specific items covered and not covered.  Use this list as a jumping off point to make sure you are protected.  As a homeowner in Advance or Bermuda Run you can rest assured that SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties can assist with any water, fire or mold issues you may have.  Just call our office at 336 677 1415. 

SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties covers a whole lot more!

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage in Roaring Gap NC

SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties is a long serving restoration franchise located in Yadkinville NC.  Our sales territory is defined by the borders of Yadkin and Davie Counties.  We have confidently served the communities of East Bend, Yadkinville, Jonesville, Mocksville, Advance and Bermuda Run for the last eight years.  We have handled everything from the smallest residential toilet overflow to a flooded 25000 sf two story office building.  We are present in each community and spend our advertising dollars locally.  You may have seen our banner sponsorships at the local high schools, Starmount, Forbush and the newly completed (2018) Davie high school.  SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties also proudly services and supports the communities of Ronda, Wilkesboro, North Wilkesboro in Wilkes County, Elkin, Dobson and Mount Airy in Surry County as well as Roaring Gap and Sparta in Alleghany County, Boone and Deep Gap in Watauga Counties and Jefferson and West Jefferson in Ashe County.  Don’t let our name fool you, SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties is ready and able to service the entire North West corner of North Carolina.  We are just a phone call away at 372 West Maple Street Suite A, Yadkinville, 336 677 1415. 

A day in the life of a SERVPRO Technician

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

You never know what your going to get on a water damage.

At SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties no two days are ever the same.  In fact, no two water damages are ever the same.  Last week we assisted a homeowner in Advance, NC with a flooded crawlspace due to a malfunction with their well pump.  Our technicians were not the only residents in the crawlspace.  Due to the damp and warm conditions snakes had moved in.  As many as five snakes had taken up residence above the insulation.  After some critter wrangling by the snake removing professionals the water damage mitigation was resumed.  Later in the week we assisted another homeowner with a water damage from a leaking dishwasher in Mocksville, NC.  Upon our arrival the homeowner asked that we remove our shoes to perform her mitigation.  After explaining our processes for hardwood floor removal and OSHA regulations the homeowner gladly relented and allowed our technicians to remain shod while tearing our her hardwood floors.  Safety is always first and foremost for our customers and technicians at SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties.  Good thing there were not snakes in the kitchen!