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Restoration certifications for contractors?

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

General Restoration certifications for contractors? IICRC certified in Mocksville NC

The IICRC is the leading sanctioning body for the restoration industry.  The Institute for Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification is a standard setting and educational organization to ensure that technicians working in the water, fire and mold damage industry have the technical knowledge to perform their advertised work.

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties technicians have earned the following IICRC certifications:

  • WRT: Water Restoration Technician.  This certification provides education for technicians in the restoration of a water damage using the science of drying.  It also covers basics in containing and removing mold growth and sewage contamination. 
  • ASD: Applied Structural Drying.  Applied Structural Drying.  This Certification provides advanced concepts behind evaporation as well as hands on drying application with equipment.
  • CDS: Commercial Drying Specialist. This certification teaches technicians advanced concepts related to building structure and construction along with advanced psychometric concepts to allow them to manage even the most complex commercial water damages. 
  • AMRT: Applied Microbial Remediation Technician. This certification covers the safe remediation of sewage and mold damages with emphasis on homeowner and technician safety while ensuring the structure is safe and inhabitable.
  • FSRT/OCT: Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician and Odor Control technician. These combined certifications cover the technical aspect of fire and soot restoration as well as eliminating the odors left from a fire damage.  Odor control from biological sources such as decomposition is also addressed. 

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties also have trained AMRT bio hazard removal technicians available to address any trauma or crime scene restoration needs. 

Most residential contractors do not possess these certifications. Make sure you entrust your home or business to certified professionals.

If you live in the Mocksville area make sure that your remediation contractor posses the skills and knowledge to treat your individual loss, whether it is fire, water, mold or bio hazard.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties makes sure that their technicians are fully trained and continually certified to deliver state of the industry mitigation.  336 677 1415

Is my Sewage Back up covered under my Homeowners Insurance?

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

General Is my Sewage Back up covered under my Homeowners Insurance? Homeowners Coverage in Advance and Bermuda Run NC

If you experience a sewage back up into your home from a blocked drain line or septic tank will your homeowners policy cover the clean up and resulting damage?  The answer is, no, if you do not have a sewage rider.  A rider is additional coverage for an event not typically covered in your homeowner’s policy.  Sewage back up is one of the situations that is not covered in your basic homeowners policy.  That means you need to have a specific conversation concerning your coverage for this type of event with your agent.  Because of the risks involved in handling and treating raw sewage the cost of the cleanup tends to run higher than a typical water damage.  Items that can typically be cleaned and dried in a normal water damage (not sewage related) must be removed and disposed of when contaminated by sewage.  All homeowners in the Advance and Bermuda Run area need a sewage rider added to their coverage to ensure they are protected from a particularly costly and potentially dangerous event.  Have a conversation with your agent today to address your exposure to a sewage loss as well as other items that are not covered in a typical homeowners policy.   See our earlier bog post concerning things not typically covered by homeowners insurance.  Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, 1 336 677 1415 to assist with your water damage needs.

What was the source of my water damage?

5/4/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage What was the source of my water damage? Water categories in Bermuda Run NC.

Did you know that water damages are separated into three categories depending on the source of the water?  These categories define the relative contamination levels contained in the water and the relative danger it poses to occupants.   The three categories are:

Category 1:  Clean water, water from a broken supply pipe.  Category 1 water contains no contamination and does not pose a threat to occupants. 

Category 2:  Category two water contains a significant degree of contaminants and could cause discomfort/illness when occupants are exposed to them.  Examples of category two water include overflow from washing machines and or dishwashers.  

Category 3:  Category three water is grossly unsanitary and can cause severe discomfort/sickness.  Sources of category three water are sewage back flows, flood waters.  

Category one and category two water that is not removed from a home expediently can progress to a category three contamination level.  This makes time very important when a homeowner in Bermuda Run is deciding on whether or not to involve a restoration contractor.  Make sure you call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, (1 336 677 1415) quickly to ensure that your Bermuda Run water damage is re mediated quickly and correctly to protect your home and loved ones.  

All three categories require different levels of care to be sure that the occupants of your home are protected from the dangers they can harbor.  Make sure that your restoration contractor knows the difference, call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, (1 336 677 1415) today.

Biohazard Crime Scene Cleanups

5/4/2018 (Permalink)

Biohazard Biohazard Crime Scene Cleanups Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup in Mocksville NC

What happens when the police and EMS are gone and the homeowner is left to deal with the after effects of a traumatic event, such as a suicide or murder?  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties provides bio hazard and crime scene cleaning while understanding the traumatic nature of these events.  

The aftermath of a suicide or similar situation is very emotional for the loved ones involved.  By calling SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties you can be reassured that you as the customer, your property and belongings will be treated with dignity and respect.  

Because of the high exposure risk to bloodborne pathogens, biohazard remediation is a specialty service that requires proper training, equipment, certification, and licensing.  Calling SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties will ensure that the proper care and attention is paid to the emotional and environmental consequences of the remediation.   

In most situations the event and resulting clean up is covered under your homeowner’s policy.  

Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties today, 336 677 1415.

Hidden water damage potential in Advance NC

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Hidden water damage potential in Advance NC Hose Bib, Hillsdale Baptist Church, Advance NC

Do you know what a hose bib is and what it is designed to do.  A hose bib is most often used as an outdoor spigot.  The shut of valve in a hose bib is designed to be inside the wall cavity away from the mouth of the spigot to prevent your outdoor spigot from freezing.  Many homeowners in Advance NC forget about their outdoor spigots as it moves towards winter time and they fail to remove their garden house.  What happens with the garden hose attached when the temps begin to fall in to the teens and single digits?  As we all know when water freezes it expands.  The water in your hose freezes an pushes back into the hose bib and can cause this section of pipe to freeze and burst that its in front of the cutoff valve.  So now the homeowner has a burst pipe that they are not even aware of.  The hole in the pipe will not become evident until they turn on their spigot in the spring time and water begins to flow from the hole into the wall cavity.  The moral of this story is to always disconnect your garden hoses from your outdoor spigots before the temperature drops.  This will prevent this from happening to you!   

If you find yourself this spring with water pouring out of your wall behind your outdoor spigot then call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties 336 677 1415

Five things not covered by Homeowners insurance

4/21/2017 (Permalink)

General Five things not covered by Homeowners insurance Do you know what is covered under your homeowners policy?

Many homeowners in North Carolina assume that their homeowners insurance covers them from any and all damages. This false sense of security can lead them into situations where their coverage is insufficient or nonexistent.  I have listed five areas where many homeowners assume they are covered but are not.  Have a conversation with you agent to address any areas where you may be overexposed. 

Mold: Your standard homeowner’s policy in the state of North Carolina only covers mold up to $5000.00 in damages.  Some states have different policy limits for mold or exclude coverage all together.  The best way to prevent mold is to be proactive in stopping any water intrusion.  If you have a leak, get it dried out professionally as soon as possible.  Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties for help with your water issues at 336 677 1415.

Sewer Backup: Sewer backups are not covered by your standard homeowner’s policy.  Make sure you have a sewage backup endorsement of a sufficient amount to cover any potential losses.  $5000.00 in sewage backup coverage will be gone in a hurry if your entire finished basement is flooded with two inches of sewage.  

Earthquake: You standard homeowner’s policy will not cover damage from earth movement.  Surprisingly, the East coast of the United States has a number of active fault lines.  Make sure you understand your risk from an earthquake and have a conversation with your agent about appropriate coverage. 

Flood: Water on the ground from rain or a storm/hurricane event coming into your home is not covered.  Flood insurance can be purchased separately through FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program

Damage from Construction Work: If you are remodeling your home, a standard homeowner’s policy won’t cover any damage done to your home by a contractor.  When you hire a contractor, make sure they carry sufficient liability insurance.

Commercial water damage in Yadkinville

3/23/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Commercial water damage in Yadkinville This water damage was due to a broken riser supplying the fire suppression system.

When a 25,000 square office building for a local textile company in Yadkinville experienced a broken eight inch water riser they understood that prompt reaction was important to minimize their business interruption.  They called SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties for help with the water removal and dry out.  SERVPRO crews were onsite in less than one hour to begin the extraction of what was estimated to be 150,000 gallons of water from the broken riser.  Because of the source of the water, it was considered category two contamination.  Category two contamination requires the use of antimicrobials and cleaning to ensure that the affected areas is cleaned to IICRC standards.  A SERVPRO large loss team was dispatched at the request of the franchise to assist with the size and scope of the loss, ensuring that the business interruption was minimized.  Equipment including 38 dehumidifiers and 200 airmovers were used to quickly bring the moisture levels down in the building and return it to a dry condition.  When complete, the dry out took seven days and was completed with zero interruption to their business.  To ensure that your commercial business is able to minimize interruption from a fire or water damage make sure to contact SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties as soon as the damage happens. 

To clean or not to clean?

3/6/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage To clean or not to clean? Potential contaminants present in a plumbing back flow need to be sanitized professionally

When the toilet backs up and floods your office do you have the maintenance man come and clean it up?  Many times this is the first choice of a unit or business manager. If they stopped and considered the potential for contamination and illness they may consider having it professionally cleaned and sanitized.  Any plumbing back up that originates beyond the P trap is considered to be category three water.  Category three water is considered "grossly contaminated and can cause significant adverse reactions to humans if contacted".  If this category three water flows into the carpet and under the walls how do you remove the contamination and sanitize your work space?  In this case, your maintenance guy with a shop vacuum and a fan is not going to do the trick and in fact may make the problem worse.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties has the training and equipment to sanitize your sewage contamination so that the health and safety of your employees are not jeopardized.  Specialized procedures are used to contain the contaminated area and prevent the spread of the contaminants to other areas.  A combination of cleaning and antimicrobial application as well as the removal of porous materials will ensure that your employees are protected from any potential contact with the contaminants.  Call us to today 336 677 1415 if you have any questions or concerns about your water damage. 

Spontaneous Combustion

1/3/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Spontaneous Combustion Take the steps to protect you home and outbuildings from the hazards associated with spontaneous combustion.

Do you know what spontaneous combustion is? Spontaneous combustion is an exothermic reaction whereby a fuel source (oily rags, wet hay) undergoes self heating, resulting in a rapidly accelerated temperature increase and ignition.  Many a poor farmer has lost his barn after not allowing his hay to adequately dry before storing it in the barn.  Likewise, many a do it yourselfer has piled his oily rags in a corner in the garage.  If he is lucky he discovers them smoking and puts them out.  If he is not lucky he burns down his garage and possibly his home.  When storing oily rags do so in a fireproof airtight container.  If that is not possible place them in a bucket of water with a surfactant to break down the oily contaminants.  Do not pile up oily rags or steel wool that have been used to distribute solvent based material.  Farmers, make sure your hay has been adequately teddered and air dried prior to bailing to protect yourself from the hazards of spontaneous combustion.   Take these steps to protect your homes and out buildings from fire hazards.  Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties at 336 677 1415 if you have suffered the effects of fire damage to begin you mitigation and restoration immediately.

Water Damage and Your HVAC System

11/3/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage and Your HVAC System This homeowner's condensate pump overflowed and damaged the ceiling in the master bath.


In the North Carolina area, we are approaching season changes from summer to fall, then winter. Our present use of an HVAC system is to keep us cool until we switch over to our heating environment. With the constant use of our heating and air conditioning systems, they should be monitored for any potential damage that can lead to significant problems. For instance, a clogged condensate drain pipe can make an HVAC system drain pan overflow. The drain pipe is one of the most frequent causes of water removal repairs in our area. Drain pipe fittings can become disconnected from the unit and allow the condensate to drain through the ceiling to the floor. A malfunctioning or dirty pump can also cause extensive water leakage. When the drain pipe becomes clogged, the water will quickly back up the line and then into the drain pan. The water fills up the pan until it overflows. A malfunctioning condensate pump can cause water leakage from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, flooding the basement or attic. Due to the continuous presence of water, mold can grow inside the unit, causing it to become clogged. Additional damages caused by heating and air conditioning units, involves wet soggy carpets, ceiling collapse or drywall damage. Other issues that can create water damage from an HVAC system includes low refrigerant, no-trap and air vent in the drain line and condensate buildup in a ductwork system that is not properly insulated. If you want to make sure that your system is operating well and is not about to flood your home, give SERVPRO a call to prevent any risk of water damage issues. When properly maintained, your HVAC system provides a comfortable indoor environment year-round. But, if your HVAC system does present problems, call the experts - SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties. We are close neighbors because we are locally owned and operated. Our professional technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (336)677 1415.