Recent Before & After Photos

Purlear Water Damage and Mold Cause Tear Out

This Purlear bathroom needed a significant amount of controlled demolition after SERVPRO technicians found both water damage and the need for mold remediation. ... READ MORE

Careful Actions in Purlear During Mold Damage Remediation

When SERVPRO handles mold damage cleanup and restoration in local Purlear properties, great care is taken to limit the spread of airborne spores. The mold damag... READ MORE

SERVPRO Advance Basement Fire and Smoke Damage Remediation

Fire and smoke damage in Advance homes, particularly in basements, can prove difficult to clean without the proper tools and techniques. In the Before Photo, th... READ MORE

Yadkinville Water + Mold Damage Equals Controlled Demo in Kitchen

This Yadkinville kitchen had a slow leak happening and it resulted in both water damage and mold. SERVPRO technicians needed to remove the cabinet to open the w... READ MORE

Commercial Disinfecting Companies Like SERVPRO Deep-Clean Advance Businesses

After the Advance commercial property in the Before Photo experienced a food-related illness in the dining area, SERVPRO techs quickly responded with biohazard ... READ MORE

Storm Damage Gets Rapid Cleanup in Advance Church

Heavy rains brought storm damage to this church in Advance, and the owners acted quickly to bring in SERVPRO to clean up the water and restore the property and ... READ MORE

SERVPRO Water Damage Remediation Techniques Restore an Advance Home

The Before Photo of this Advance residence depicts heavy water damages from a kitchen leak that occurred while homeowners were away from the property for severa... READ MORE

Advance Floodwater Removal and Drying

When floodwaters from streams or the ground enter enclosed structures, whether commercial storage areas or residences, contaminated is a prime concern. The mudd... READ MORE

Fire and Mold Damage in Advance

The non-typical pairing of fire and mold damage in this Advance home called for the expertise of SERVPRO to make things whole again. We have technicians trained... READ MORE

Mocksville Windstorm Tree Removal and Roof Repair

The severe windstorm, luckily, brought very little rain as it snapped a large tree that landed on the back area of this Mocksville home. Our SERVPRO crew arrive... READ MORE