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Advance Commercial Mold Damage Remediation

This church office had mold damage in the crawl space underneath the building. A big factor in sustaining mold colonies is the presence of elevated humidity levels. SERVPRO techs deployed drying equipment to bring the humidity down and suggested permanent fixes for the issues, so the problem did not return.

Advance Fire Damage Cleanup by SERVPRO

This Advance doorway may look totaled, but through the fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO, articles can get cleaned for reuse in the home without any residual odors or soot left behind by the fire. The fire restoration can save homeowners the cost of replacement through detailed cleaning methods.

Water Damage Concerns in Boonville

A Boonsville homeowner had concerns about an area in their laundry room. SERVPRO technicians found a long-term mold issues and water damage from a washing machine overflow causing seepage. The water ran into the crawlspace below and needed drying with an indirect fired heater.

Boonville Water Damage Cleanup

After a washing machine overflowed in this Boonville property leaving behind significant water damage, the homeowner brought in SERVPRO. Due to the amount of seepage from the water, a large part of the room needed removal. SERVPRO brings their own dumpsters to keep the cleanup as hassle-free as possible.

Mocksville Commercial Water Damage and Mold Remediation Needed

This Mocksville business owner contacted SERVPRO after a membrane roof leak that brought commercial water damage inside the facility.The technicians removed several of the damaged ceiling tiles as they had signs of a mold infestation before drying and applying antimicrobial cleaning agents.

Storm Brings Water Damage to Advance Home

SERVPRO technicians work to remove the minimum amount of building materials during the mitigation after storm damage in Advance properties. They can find the location of water from a damaged roof by using their advanced moisture detection equipment.

Finding the Water Damage in Advance

When an Advance property has water damage, SERVPRO technicians use not only visual inspection to find it, but also the use of advanced moisture detection equipment that comes in the forms of meters and probes. 

Mocksville Membrane Roof Brings Commercial Water Damage and Mold

Commercial water damage and mold were the issue in this Mocksville business property. A leak damaged several areas including this cubicle where a large amount of sheetrock from the ceiling fell on the articles below. 

Advance Fire Damage Cleanup

This basement entryway had significant fire damage including charring and smoke damage on the ceiling, walls and floor. SERVPRO technicians needed to perform a controlled demo on the door and sheetrock on the wall but saved the ceiling through their cleaning methods to lift away the dry smoke.

Yadkinville Gets Fast Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

A Yadkinville office with commercial water damage did not have the outlets to support the amount of drying equipment needed. SERVPRO brought in their own generator to host the air movers and dehumidification units and get the premises dried quickly.

Mocksville Warehouse Needs Help After Commercial Storm Damage

The timer starts ticking on commercial storm damage, especially in a Mocksville warehouse where stock gets stored. Due to the possibility of contaminants being present in the water, the technicians wore protective clothing for safe extraction of the water from the concrete floors. 

Elkin Fire Damage Gets Expert Attention from SERVPRO

After a fire damage in an Elkin home, the soot cleanup needs exacting attention to halt the potential for spreading to other areas of the home. SERVPRO techs use advanced methods to clean residues from both the structure and ductwork as needed. 

Advance Water Damage Drying and Restoration

The glue-down laminate flooring in this Advance home received the brunt of the water damage. Due to seepage, SERVPRO techs needed to remove the ruined floorboards to dry the substrate underneath and get the area ready for repairs and installation of replacement floorboards.

Advance Church Gets Assistance with Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

When commercial storm damage poured into this Advance property, SERVPRO was on the scene quickly to perform actions to lessen the water loss. The tech in his photo is drilling weep holes to assist with both draining and drying.

Local Bermuda Run Eatery Needs Deep Commercial Cleaning

Cross-contamination is a threat in the restaurant industry and after a customer complained of getting ill, the owner brought in SERVPRO to perform a deep cleaning on both the bathrooms and the service area to sanitize it.

Mocksville Fire Damaged Garage

Many garages incorrectly store flammable materials like paints, petroleum products, and even cans of gasoline. This fire damaged garage requires some demolition, cleanup, and build back. Count on SERVPRO to get it done right.

Storm Cleanup Look in Advance

This Photo illustrates how SERVPRO leaves a home after performing a storm damage cleanup and restoration service. The place is sanitized; an EPA-approved disinfectant has been applied to safeguard the home from pathogens. The flood cuts have prepared the walls for the installation of new wallboard.

Bermuda Run Flooding Demolition

SERVPRO techs removed the remaining groundwater from this warehouse in Bermuda Run swiftly to mitigate damage to the inventory. Rapid response can save our customers money and keep their enterprise viable. A flood cut limited the demolition and build back materials needed. Dry and disinfected!

Advance Storm-Damaged Home Office

The driving rainstorm dumped a large quantity of liquid via the window into this home office in an Advance property. Because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, our SERVPRO crew mitigated the storm damage. Since this was not contaminated groundwater, we placed air movers and an LGR to dry out this area. Still working on this project.

Sparta Masons Lodge with a sewage back up

When the Sparta North Carolina Masons Lodge experienced a sewage back up in their kitchen and meeting room basement they called SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties to clean and sanitize the affected area.  

Ceiling removal at Knollwood Baptist Church in Winston Salem North Carolina

Knollwood Baptist Church in Winston Salem North Carolina experienced a water leak that required the removal of the plaster ceilings in two bathrooms.  Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties at 336 677 1415 for your commercial water damage needs. 

Water damage at Hillsdale Baptist Church in Advance North Carolina

This water damage at Hillsdale Baptist Church in Advance North Carolina occurred when their water hose was left attached to the outside spigot during a cold spell.  They did not know the hose bib had burst until spring time.  Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties at 336 677 1415 for your commercial water damage needs.

Clean up of a sewage back up in Advance North Carolina

The basement of this bargain store in Advance North Carolina was affected by the malfunctioning of its pump up sewage system.  Resulting in the spread of raw sewage over a large portion of the downstairs.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties was called in to clean and remove the sewage and treat the affected areas with antimicrobial. r commercial property had been affected by a water or fire damage.  

Dryer Fire in Clemmons North Carolina

This is the aftermath of a fire from greasy rags in a dryer in Clemmons North Carolina. The homeowner had been cooking pork roast for donating to a local food bank.  After shredding the roast his rags were washed and put into the dryer.  The fire marshal suspects the towels were not adequately rinsed and this led to them igniting from the dryer heat.  The occupants were thankfully awakened by the smoke detectors in time to evacuate.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties were called into to perform an emergency board up and remove, evaluate, sort and clean contents. Meanwhile the interior of the house was stripped of all building materials back to the studs.  The remaining studs were then cleaned and sealed to prevent any odor from returning.  If you of your loved are affected by a fire or water damage then call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties at 336 677 1415. 

Frozen Pipes in Dobson NC

This is Bear Creek Baptist Church in Dobson NC.  They suffered a frozen pipe when the temps in January dropped into the single digits.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties was there to make their water damage " Like it never even happened."

Large Loss in Yadkinville

When you have 200,000 + gallons of water in your facility you need to make sure your choice of restoration contractor has the access to the equipment and personnel to restore your business.  Secondary damage/mold from water intrusion can begin in as little as 36 hours under the right conditions.  Make sure that that time is not spent waiting on the resources and materials required.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties has the personnel and expertise to respond immediately to any size water or fire damage.  Our franchise relationships allow the fastest response times to large commercial losses in the industry, hands down! Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties to minimize your business interruption.

The Right Equipment?

Make sure your choice for a Restoration Contractor has the right tools for the Job! In most cases a water of fire damage cleanup requires specialized equipment to do the job correctly. Moisture that is unaccounted for can cause secondary damages including mold! Leave it to the Professionals at SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties.

Controlling the indoor air quality in West Jefferson

When you are mitigating an expansive mold problem the correct equipment is imperative to restoring indoor air quality. Hepa filtration removes mold spores and particulates down to .3 microns. A Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifier will ensure that the indoor relative humidity remains below 60% and will remove "bound water" from the saturated building materials. Make sure your mold contractor has the correct equipment and knowledge to return your home to a normal fungal ecology. The technician's at SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties are IICRC certified in drying indoor environments and mold remediation to ensure your home is safe and free of elevated levels of harmful mold spores.

Water Damage in Advance NC

This rental property in Advance NC was flooded when the new tenant had the water turned back on. The Previous tenant had left the supply valve to the washing machine open so when the water was turned back on it flowed right into the living room, kitchen and basement. Know where your cutoffs are and check them before restoring the utilities!

Mold Remediation in Bermuda Run

Make sure your restoration contractor had the right tools and equipment to protect your family and your property. SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties employs IICRC trained technicians equipped with state of the art HEPA filtration equipment to ensure your mold damage is cleaned correctly!

Mold Damage in Advance, NC

Unattended water leaks can rapidly lead to secondary damage, like mold growth. SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties has the training and equipment to deal with any mold or water issue.

Fire in Bermuda Run, NC

This fire in Bermuda Run was caused by a lightning strike. Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties as soon as safely possible to prevent further secondary damage from the soot and water used to extinguish the blaze!

Water Damage from frozen pipe in Jonesville

This picture is the result of a frozen water line. Heat was not maintained in the unit during subfreezing temperatures. SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties were able to quickly respond and dry the structure. Always maintain heat to your home and turn off the water if your are leaving for multiple days!

Mold remediation in Yadkinville

This customer had a water leak inside a wall for an extended period of time, resulting in extensive mold contamination in their basement. SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties was able to remove all contaminated materials, clean the structure and restore the basement "Like it never even happened."

Fire in Yadkinville

Fire damages and cleaning tactics change with the source of the fire. Wood Fires leave a dry smoke, while plastic and other petroleum products produce a heavy, oily smoke while a protein fire (think cooking) leaves an often transparent soot with heavy odor. SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties has the expertise to deal with any kind of fire you may encounter.

Supporting area High Schools in Davie and Yadkin Counties

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties proudly supports Davie High School, Starmount High School and Forbush High School in their efforts at Fund Raising to support the Education and Athletic departments!

Chirstmas Parade in Mocksville

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties participates in area parades and events, such as the Mocksville Christmas Parade! We had a wonderful time getting into the Christmas spirit with all of Mocksville, NC. 

Water Damage in Yadkinville

No matter the size of your Water Damage, SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties had the personnel and equipment to respond to any size disaster! Our fleet of vehicles is ready to respond to your water damage emergency. 

Water Damage in WinstonSalem

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties has the specialized equipment to assist in any size water damage in any location! This indirect Fired Heater is being used to dry a crawlspace.

Daniel Boone Festival

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties enjoys participating in community events such as the Daniel Boone Festival in Mocksville. We are proud to be a part of a community dedicated to historic events.