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Why SERVPRO? - How SERVPRO's Certification Opportunities Benefit Both Client and Employee

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

A career with a SERVPRO franchise location opens many doors for its employees- with opportunities to learn a free trade, earn formal certifications, as well as the possibility for managerial growth within the business. Not only does this process provide unprecedented employee opportunity, but also communicates to customers that SERVPRO teams are accredited and trained for the job. 

One of the highest accredited and applicable certifications offered with SERVPRO is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC offers 26 different certifications across the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries that are taught by highly trained, approved instructors and schools. 

IICRC certifications help to immediately identify those within the restoration industry that are highly skilled and dedicated technicians, just as certified accountants, plumbers, and mechanics project a higher level of competency in their fields. SERVPRO clients can trust that the quality of service received will always respect the integrity of your property - treating the restoration process as if it were in their own home and in a timely manner. 

One of the main skills received through the IICRC, is the ability to handle water damage caused by things such as flooding, storm damage, frozen pipes etc. SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin’s IICRC-certified technicians have the training and experience to conduct an educated inspection and assessment of your property to determine the appropriate cleaning and drying options. Our team then prepares a detailed report that outlines the extent of the damage and the respective restoration process and cost. 

Check out a previous SERVPRO of D&Y blog to learn more about the water damage mitigation process, and how an IICRC certified team can ensure a credible and dependable restoration process from start to finish!

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin counties uses the most effective equipment and innovative techniques to handle water damage- the right way, in the right time frame, and at an affordable cost.

Choosing to work with SERVPRO D&Y can guarantee you comprehensive restoration service that will provide quick response times to avoid unnecessary losses, a hassle-free restoration process, and a team of licensed and well-trained technicians. 

Whether you are looking for a job with economic mobility, growth and education opportunities, OR are looking for the right company for credible disaster mitigation assistance - SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties is your answer. 


SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties has successfully assisted hundreds of North Carolina home and land owners in disaster mitigation, restoration and recovery since their opening in 2011. If you are interested in updating your disaster mitigation efforts, SERVPRO of D&Y’s trained staff is here to help- available 24/7. Contact SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties at 336-677-1415, or 


SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties is a locally owned and family operated restoration franchise, proudly serving over 83,000 North Carolinians across the piedmont. SERVPRO has positioned itself as the preferred restoration vendor for many national and local insurance companies, and our central NC location truly upholds this standard. 

The SERVPRO D&Y team collectively hold over 20 industry certifications, making them a trusted local leader in water, fire, storm, mold remediation, as well as COVID-19 cleaning protocol.

Winter is Coming 2.0 - The Best Defense is a Good Offense

10/18/2021 (Permalink)

Winter is Coming - is your home prepared? SERVPRO of D&Y is dedicated to being a disaster mitigation resource for all Yadkin County, Davie County, Bermuda Run and Advance residents. Call us.

Summer has finally come and gone, and the colder months are on their way. For SERVPRO franchises, this means an upsurge in water related disasters caused by things such as burst pipes, snow melt and blocked gutters due to neglect amid the winter weather. 

For SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, owners Trey and George McSwain were first introduced to the emergency restoration and mitigation community after experiencing their own water-loss due to frozen pipes at their family mountain cabin in Deep Gap, North Carolina. This loss was not only the catalyst for SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, but taught this restoration team the importance of proactive prevention and restoration during the winter months. 

Unfortunately, for those with residential property or vacation homes in Western NC, frozen pipes are the leading cause of water related disasters. In 2018, State Farm data claims that losses related to frozen pipes totaled more than $270 million. Although residential water disasters are pricey, they are preventable with the right proactive and preventative maintenance. 

SERVPRO of D&Y is dedicated to being a disaster mitigation resource for not only Davie and Yadkin counties, but for all their Western NC neighbors subject to the harsh Appalachian winters. 

Check out SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin’s Winter Weather Tips & Tricks to help prevent both commercial and residential water loss this upcoming winter season: 

  • Ensure that all your water hoses on the exterior of your home are unscrewed from the spigot
    • Many people mistakenly believe that their hose bib will protect them from frozen pipes- however, if you leave your hose attached to your spigot, the water inside the hose will freeze and expand into your hose bib where the resulting pressure will cause a split in the pipe 
  • Never leave your water on if you are leaving or going on vacation
    • If you are traveling, or you maintain a vacation home, ensure that your water is turned off at the supply to prevent an uninterrupted leak in your absence
    • You may even consider draining your water lines and hot water tank until you return. Place a cup full of RV antifreeze in all sink/tub drains and toilets to prevent the water left in the bowls and p-traps from freezing
  • Note the location of your water shut off valve in the case of an emergency
    • Your sinks, toilets, washing machines and ice makers all have water supply lines bringing them H20. These supply lines are prone to breakdown with old age and or improper installation. Periodically inspect and change all supply lines at these areas along with their cut offs
    • The interior water cutoff in your home is usually located just inside an exterior wall where your water supply line is brought into your residence. If you don’t know where your shut off valves are located, or are unfamiliar with their use, you should immediately learn their locations and how to manipulate the cut off valves to turn them off. In an emergency situation, this practice can mitigate flooding and loss while you await a plumber.

Learning and observing these proactive steps in your NC home can protect and limit your property loss from water damage. 

Remember, your best defense against winter water damage is a good offense.


SERVPRO? of Davie and Yadkin Counties has successfully assisted hundreds of North Carolina home and land owners in fire damage mitigation, restoration and disaster recovery since their opening in 2011. If you are interested in updating your disaster mitigation efforts, SERVPRO of D&Y’s trained staff is here to help- available 24/7. Contact SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties at 336-677-1415, or


SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties is a locally owned and family operated restoration franchise, proudly serving over 83,000 North Carolinians across the piedmont. SERVPRO has positioned itself as the preferred restoration vendor for many national and local insurance companies, and our central NC location truly upholds this standard. 

The SERVPRO D&Y team collectively hold over 20 industry certifications, making them a trusted local leader in water, fire, storm, mold remediation, as well as COVID-19 cleaning protocol.

Is Contracting Professionals to Handle Water Damage in Bermuda Run Homes Expensive?

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment Our certified technicians come prepared with state of the art equipment your property needs after a water incident occurs.

Reputable Restorers Like SERVPRO Offer Water Damage Restoration in Bermuda Run Affordably

When water damage occurs in your property, it can be a highly stressful situation. Do not add to your worry by choosing a water damage company that charges more than necessary simply because of its reputation. The SERVPRO restoration company uses the most effective equipment and innovative techniques to handle water damage the right way at an affordable cost.

Why Involve SERVPRO Professionals 

We offer:

  • A quick response to avoid unnecessary losses
  • A hassle-free restoration process
  • A team of licensed and well-trained teams

If you try to handle water damage in your Bermuda Run property, the repairs may appear to be in good shape at first, but the trapped moisture can show up after a few months. This can lead to additional work, and it can be more difficult to recover the costs from your insurance company.

To eliminate the remaining moisture, SERVPRO's team of restorers employs the most advanced drying technology, as well as specialized heating and drying equipment and dehumidifiers. We can use centrifugal air movers and indirect-fired furnaces to deliver dry air and heat directly to wet materials or the building's interior structure for rapid, successful drying. The procedure increases evaporation significantly.

We can dry out your flooded home or business faster than other companies' methods. This stage of the procedure can take several days. We monitor the drying process closely until your property is completely dry.

Water damage may reduce your property’s value if not handled on time. Contact SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties at (336) 677-1415 for reliable restoration “Like it never even happened.”

True Hart Farm Christmas Celebration in Advance

11/22/2020 (Permalink)

drying equipment Our team looks forward to seeing you at True Hart Farm!

Come Meet Santa & Mrs. Claus and Celebrate Christmas in Advance

True Hart Farm enjoys hosting an annual Christmas celebration. It is a wonderful event for families. Kids will enjoy:
    •    Holiday crafts
    •    Meeting the farm animals
    •    Enjoy holiday food and treats
    •    Meet Prince Charming and Princess Aurora

The whole family will love shopping local vendors looking for that special present. Santa and Mrs. Claus are available for visits from the kids. Watch out for Santa’s elves. They are mischievous and can pop up out of nowhere.

It all takes place on December 5, 2020, at 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Free admission when you bring a canned good donation. The address is True Hart Farm 174 Knight Lane. So, gather up everyone and head out for not only a good time but a way to give back with the food drive.

If you need a professional “water company near me,” SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties is here to help. We provide water, fire, and flood restoration to Advance residents. Contact us at (336) 677-1415 for more information

Bermuda Run Residents Enjoy Visiting Tanglewood Park

11/15/2020 (Permalink)

van outside building Our experts are looking forward to seeing you at The Garden at Tanglewood and the Arboretum!

Tanglewood Park is a Great Way for Bermuda Run Folks to Explore the Outdoors

What is now known as Tanglewood Park once belonged to Will and Kate Reynolds. Today it is a beautiful public park that can be enjoyed year-round. The park features:
    •    Stocked lakes
    •    Pedal boats
    •    Tennis courts
    •    Aquatic center
    •    Picnic shelters
    •    Rental venues
    •    Trail systems
    •    Horseback riding
    •    Gardens
    •    Golf

The Garden at Tanglewood and the Arboretum are stunning, and you can see plants from all over the world. You can stay in the Manor House Bed & Breakfast and enjoy the park for several days. If you own an RV, you can park it at the Tanglewood RV park. It is a great way to get away for the day or enjoy a more extended stay.

If you need water drying, basement cleanup SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties is a professional water restoration business. We provide water, fire, and flood mitigation in the Bermuda Run area. Contact us at (336) 677-1415 and let us know how we can help you.

SERVPRO Provides Premier Water Extraction Services

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

drying equipment Call the experts at SERVPRO when your property is damaged!

Advance Homeowners Know They Can Depend on Us Even During the Holidays

Advance, NC, is a quaint little community of just over 1,300 people in Eastern Davie County. It is included in the Piedmont Triad area, which played an essential role in the Civil Rights Movement. Where the name Advance comes from is open to debate. Some think it came about when the area added a post office, hoping growth would ensue. Others claim the community was named after the first freed slave in the area, Samuel Vance Allen. But one thing everyone in the town has in common – they love the holidays, and Thanksgiving is a favorite.

Thanksgiving in North Carolina – A Look at the Past
The Thanksgiving holiday, as it is today, was first celebrated in North Carolina in 1849. Governor William A. Graham, in 1848, had asked the legislature to make Thanksgiving a yearly celebration. He asked that the day reflect "acts of good neighborhood and especially for the charitable remembrance of the Poor."

The assembly agreed, and November 15, 1849, was declared the first Thanksgiving in North Carolina. While this was the initial official date, the folks of this state had been giving thanks since April of 1758. On June 7, 1758, Governor Arthur Dobbs declared a day of fasting. The people gave thanks to God for his preservation of the province.

Governor Dobbs also declared a day of public Thanksgiving on the first Wednesday in December. In 1759 he chose October 31st as a day for being thankful. It would be celebrated on different days for several years.  Other declarations included:

•    November 1777 – Governor Richard Caswell receives a petition from lawmakers for a day of thanksgiving. It was celebrated in New Bern on December 18, 1777.
•    November 26, 1784 – First national Thanksgiving proclamation by the government. George Washington and the Continental Congress designated a day of thanksgiving with the end of the American Revolution and peace.
•    1863 – Abraham Lincoln designates Thanksgiving as the last Thursday of November.
•    1939 – President Franklin D Roosevelt bumps Thanksgiving back a week. North Carolina did not go along with the change, like many states.
•    1941 – The fourth Thursday of November is declared a national day of Thanksgiving by Congress and a federal holiday.

Traditional Thanksgiving Foods from Down South
One of the best parts of celebrating Thanksgiving is savoring the tasty food. Depending on where you live, those dishes can vary. It seems turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing are on most menus, but then the favorites can get interesting. Here are five North Carolina inspired holiday dishes:

•    Watergate Salad – So easy to make and so good. It is more dessert than a salad. Pistachio pudding combines with Cool Whip, crushed pineapple, pecans, and marshmallows for melt in your mouth goodness.
•    Cornbread Dressing – Up North, it is known as stuffing, but we call it dressing in NC. We also use cornbread instead of regular breadcrumbs for a genuine taste of the South.
•    Giblet Gravy – Regular gravy is smooth and delicious, but giblet gravy goes a step further. Little bits of the cooked giblets and liver simmer in the gravy and tastes delicious.
•    Sweet Potato Casserole – Nobody grows better sweet potatoes than the folks in North Carolina. No Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner would be complete without this traditional Southern dish.
•    Southern Pecan Pie – While pumpkin pie may rule in many areas, down here, it is pecan pie. Sweet, sugary, pecan goodness that is heaven in a slice.

If you would like to add something unique to your Thanksgiving get-together this year, consider ordering a cake. Food Lion in Advance is taking orders, and you can get different designs, including:

•    Happy Thanksgiving Turkey
•    Autumn Turkey
•    Watercolor Cornucopia
•    Give Thanks Pumpkin
•    Thankful
•    Gobble 'Till You Wobble
•    Golden Harvest Cupcakes
•    Harvest Friends Cupcakes
•    Happy Thanksgiving Cupcakes

Making Memories
Advance families all celebrate Thanksgiving in slightly different ways. It doesn’t matter how you enjoy the festivities but that you are making memories together. SERVPRO families enjoy getting together and sharing some of our favorite traditions with each other too. Some our favorite things are:

•    Cook Together – From picking the menu to cooking the turkey, we like to share in the making of the meal.
•    Football Fans – Some of us are die-hard football fans and can be found eating leftovers around the TV while watching the game.
•    Making a Wish – The battle for the wishbone can get serious!

Who will find it, and who will get their wish granted by getting the bigger half?
•    Game Time – For many of us, the day is filled with everything from board games to card games with friends and family.
•    Black Friday Shopping – If there is early black Friday shopping, you can bet a large portion of us will head out the doors to hit the bargains.

SERVPRO Proudly Serving the Advance Community
The last thing our Green Team wants is for you to need our water extraction services over the holidays. But if you do have a water intrusion of any size, SERVPRO has a crew ready to go. Our team arrives on the scene as quickly as possible to mitigate the water damage. If the problem arises after regular working hours, it is not a problem. We provide emergency services around the clock. At SERVPRO, we understand disaster does not take a holiday, and neither do we. Our water extraction service includes:

•    Doing a scope of the home and creating a plan of action.
•    Removing standing water and moisture from the area.
•    Drying the residence with industrial equipment.
•    Cleaning and repairing structural elements and content as needed.
•    Restoring things such as flooring, walls, and cabinets.
•    Providing mold remediation if there is a mold problem.
•    Returning your home to preloss condition when possible.

SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties is a locally owned and operated business. We hope your holiday is stress-free and filled with a wonderful time with your family. If you do need water extraction help, you can contact us at (336) 677-1415. We are licensed and bonded – Contractor Licenses: Residential: NC 26671.

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

How Does SERVPRO Manipulate Conditions to Facilitate Faster Drying in Advance?

10/31/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home We make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Considers Several Factors When Ridding Your Advance Home of Excess Moisture

Having pooling water or a leak in your Advance home leads to excess moisture in the air, causing high humidity levels. North Carolina experiences high humidity levels throughout much of the year, so regulating it becomes more critical after a water leak anywhere in your home. SERVPRO technicians understand psychrometry and how it can impact water removal. The three main factors, humidity, airflow, and temperature (HAT), play essential parts for adequate drying.

SERVPRO Technicians Understand the Importance of Psychrometric Conditions
The temperature inside your Advance home during your water removal project directly impacts the amount of water held in the air. The warmer the air, the more moisture it can hold before it becomes saturated. Cooler temperatures have less moisture before it becomes saturated.

What is the Difference Between Relative and Specific Humidity?
    •    Relative humidity (RH) is the measure of how much moisture is in the air at any given time. Technicians measure RH in percentages. The goal for comfortable interiors is about 60% or less.
    •    Specific humidity is the actual amount of moisture in the air. Units of measure for specific humidity are grains per pound (gpp).

How Does the SERVPRO Team Regulate Humidity Levels?
    •    SERVPRO technicians use thermo-hygrometers (or hygrometers) to measure relative humidity levels.
    •    By measuring humidity levels, technicians can work to attain a comfortable range
    •    Technicians remove excess water from the home with extraction equipment; the less water remaining in the house means lower humidity levels.
    •    Technicians use air moving equipment in conjunction with dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture, taking care to not over dry your home.

For 24/7 assistance with water removal, contact SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties at (336) 677-1415 to speak with our emergency response team. We make it “Like it never even happened.”

What Could Have Caused My Water Leak in Your Advance Home?

10/10/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home Unfortunately, no amount of vigilance or dedication to proper maintenance can entirely eliminate your risks of a water leak.

The Water Leak in Your Advance Home Could Have Been Caused by Any of a Number of Things, Like a Leaky Pipe, Damaged Roof, Clogged Drainage System, Malfunctioning Appliance, or a Deteriorated Water Container.

One of the greatest threats to your Advance home is an undetected persistent water leak.  Several things can cause these troublesome issues, each arising in different parts of your house and requiring distinct methods and tools to solve.  Leaks range from the readily apparent to the hard to detect.  While one of the most common causes of these household problems, a ruptured water pipe, is clearly visible and catastrophic, other, slower sources of escaping water could cause the same amount of damage over the long term.  Slow leaks from damaged roofs, degraded pipes, backed up drainage systems, malfunctioning appliances, and corroded water containers can be quite insidious and substantially impair your property if not caught early enough.

What Can Cause Pipe Leaks?
SERVPRO, a service that offers water removal in Advance, has seen the various ways pipes develop water leaks.  Sometimes they suddenly and dramatically fail, gushing gallons of water in a matter of minutes, while other times they deteriorate slowly and merely release trickles of liquid.  The following are some of the ways your pipes may develop leaks:

    •    Extreme fluctuations in temperatures over a short period of time
    •    High water pressure
    •    Blocked lines
    •    Defective parts
    •    Poorly secured water connectors
    •    Broken seals around water connectors
    •    Damaged pipe fittings or valves
    •    Corroded or otherwise degraded pipes
    •    Displacement or penetration by tree roots

While great and rapid variations in temperature tend to cause most pipe leaks, they are also caused by numerous other things like systemic issues, defective parts, and normal wear and tear.  By simply keeping your home properly heated and allowing your faucets to drip during cold spells, you can often avoid most pipe ruptures associated with temperature changes.  You can avoid the other common causes of leaks by having your pipes routinely inspected by a reputable service like SERVPRO.

How Can My Roof Develop a Water Issue?
Your home’s roof protects you and your family from the weather outside.  It serves this often difficult function throughout the year, through all the seasonal weather extremes.  In the winter, your roof stoically deals with cold temperatures and heavy snows.  It repels heavy rains during the spring and over the summer and fall months, it bravely defends your home from the powerful winds and driving rains of tropical storms.  However, this strong barrier against the elements also has some weaknesses and can degrade over time.  Here are some of the ways SERVPRO experts think your roof could eventually develop leaks:

    •    Missing or broken shingles
    •    Cracked flashing under shingles
    •    Improperly sealed areas where two roof planes come together
    •    Broken seals around roof vents
    •    Deteriorated chimneys and skylights
    •    Clogged gutters
    •    Ice dams that prevent water drainage from the edges of your roof

Fortunately, each of these issues can be prevented by periodically having your roof checked for damage.

How Could My Drainage System Become Blocked?
As you can imagine, your home’s drainage network is exceedingly important for drawing water away from your residence.  If this network becomes blocked for any reason, it could cause stormwater to seep into your attic, drip down behind the walls of your house, or flow back toward your home’s foundation.  These are just a few things that could cause a blockage to develop:

    •    Fallen leaves in the autumn filling up gutters
    •    Storm debris like tree limbs and trash preventing water from draining off your roof
    •    Mud produced by heavy rains blocking pipes and drains
    •    Fallen trees and other storm-related trash filling up drainage ditches and canals
    •    Water freezing in gutters or drainage pipes

In order to prevent such blockages, SERVPRO suggests that you always keep a watchful eye on your drainage network and ensure that it is in good working order.

What Can Cause a Malfunctioning Appliance to Leak Water?
Another reason you might require water removal services is a malfunctioning appliance.  Often, a faulty or old water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator is the culprit.  Several issues could potentially cause your appliance to leak, like:
    •    Corrosion and rust
    •    Degraded hoses or gaskets
    •    Defective or old valves
    •    Clogs caused by minerals like calcium, magnesium, lime, and iron deposits

Once again, SERVPRO professionals assert that these are relatively simple problems to avoid and just require that you remain diligent in maintaining your appliances.

Unfortunately, no amount of vigilance or dedication to proper maintenance can entirely eliminate your risks of a water leak.  So, if you ever need a leak repaired and water removed from your residence, call your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties at (336) 677-1415 for assistance.

Is Furniture Safe After a Water Leak?

9/18/2020 (Permalink)

man on couch with rising water Don't let water take over your home. Let the professionals at SERVPRO help restore your water damaged home and furniture.

The Furniture in Advance Homes May Need the Help of a Professional Water Restoration Technician After Being in Contact with Water From a Leak.

Most Advance homeowners find themselves with a water leak in their homes at some point or another. If you're lucky, the water damage is minimal, and you spot it quickly, thus reducing the time in which water wreaks havoc on your floors, furniture, and surfaces. Conversely, if the water leaks silently for some time, you may run the risk of weakened drywall and unsalvageable furniture. The impact of prolonged water exposure is critical, and you want to avoid it by calling a reputable water restoration company as soon as possible.

When your home in Advance needs water cleanup services, make sure to call our SERVPRO office as soon as you spot the problem. Our phone lines are operational 24/7 to respond to emergencies as they happen, and our crew is ready to apply its knowledge to mitigate your loss. By training with industry experts, we have the business acumen to perform efficient cleanup jobs that minimize the risk of developing complications, such as the proliferation of mold due to excess humidity.

Can I save my carpet after water damage?

Our SERVPRO team can discuss your home's specific nuances, but, generally speaking, as long as the leaking water does not contain waste, we can perform the drying and cleanup job to preserve them. The same is true about other porous materials that might absorb water easily. If you worry about the water mixing with dirt already in your carpet, our team has at its disposal a myriad of treatments to leave it clean and dry, including-

  • Agitation which loosens up the soil and makes it easier to clean
  • Chemical which involves the application of EPA-approved cleaning solutions to carpet fibers
  • Dehumidifiers and air circulators to promote moisture extraction

Once we treat your carpets, we may suggest using stain repellents to avoid the accumulation of dirt. During the restoration process, you can be sure that our SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties team is doing its best. When you call us at (336) 677-1415, we join your goal of leaving your home, "Like it never even happened." 

Winter is coming! How to prevent water damages from cold.

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

The results of a frozen hose bib! This is the interior wall behind a frozen hose bib in Advance North Carolina

Its that time of year again.  We are approaching the middle of January and the forecasted temperatures are creeping lower and lower.  That means we need to protect ourselves from the effects of freezing temperatures around your Advance and Bermuda Run, North Carolina homes.  Make sure that all your water hoses on the exterior of your home are unscrewed from the spigot.  Many people mistakenly believe that their hose bib will protect them from frozen pipes.  However, if you leave your hose attached to your spigot, the water inside the hose will freeze and expand into your hose bib where the resulting pressure will cause a split in the pipe.  May people will not discover that they have this problem until they turn on the spigot in the spring time to water the flowers of wash the car.  The split in the pipe occurs inside the wall in front of the hose bib cut off and is not evident until the water is turned on again and it begins to flood the wall cavity.  We can prevent this problem simply by unscrewing our hoses from the spigot.  Make sure that if you are traveling or you maintain a vacation home that your water is turned off at the supply to prevent an uninterrupted leak in your absence.  You may even consider draining your water lines and hot water tank until you return.  Place a cup full of RV antifreeze in all sink/tub drains and toilets to prevent the water left in the bowls an p-traps from freezing.  Your best defense against freezing pipes and the resulting damage is a good offense.  If you experience water damage this winter or any other time of the year call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties for your mitigation needs.

Water damages can sneak up on you!

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

cartoon with man standing in waist deep water Dont end up like this homeowner, learn the locations of the water cut offs in your Sparta NC home.

Are you aware of the potential origins of water damages in your home?  Do you know how to cut off the water supply to your home in the event of an emergency?  Should you cut off your water if you are going to be away from home for more than an overnight trip?  Most all of our homes enjoy the (usually) uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water for bathing, cooking, cleaning and drinking but all the sources of water in your home are also potential water damages.

Your sinks, toilets, washing machines and ice makers all have water supply lines bringing them H20.  These supply lines are prone to breakdown with old age and or improper installation.  Periodically inspect and change all supply lines at these areas along with their cut offs. 

All water sources with the exception of your ice maker line also have an accompanying drain line that flows to the sewer or septic system in your home.  The p-traps and wax seals on these drain lines are also susceptible to breakdown with old age and use, possibly more so due to the fact  they are sometimes located unseen,  inside wall cavities or crawlspaces.

The interior water cutoff in your home is usually located just inside an exterior wall where your water supply line from city water or a well are brought into your residence. If you don’t know where yours are located or you are unfamiliar with their use you should immediately learn their locations and how to manipulate the cut off valves to turn them off.  In an emergency situation this can save you from many more thousands of gallons of water from coming into your home while you await a plumber.

 Always cut off the water supply to you home if you are going to be away any longer than overnight to protect yourself from an uninterrupted pipe failure.  If you have well water you should be able to cut off the disconnect/circuit breaker to your well pump if you are going to be away from home. City water will have a meter just inside your yard close to the street.  Your water can be shut off here if you are unable to find or reach your interior cut off.  These cut offs sometimes a special tool you can purchase at any hardware store.

Always make it a point to inspect the crawlspace or basement of your home periodically for unseen leaks from supply and drain lines.  Also look for any sign of water intrusion from the exterior of your home and take steps to ensure the proper drainage of your gutters and french drains away from your foundation.

Learning and observing these simple steps in your Sparta, NC home can protect and limit your property loss from water damage. Call SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties, 336 677 1415 to assist with any water or mold damages.

What about the water you don’t see?

9/24/2019 (Permalink)

Water beneath vinyl and laminate flooring This home in Roaring Gap, NC had unseen water betweeen the subfloor and sheet vinyl and laminate flooring.

Your tub has overflowed or you have a leaking supply line to your toilet.  You see water in the floor so you get out some old towels and maybe your shop vacuum and clean up the visible water.  Everything is good now right?  What about the water you don’t see.  More than likely the water that flowed out onto your floor also flowed out to the wall and underneath the baseboard.  When it hit the baseboard it then flowed against the drywall and subfloor, wicking its way up between the drywall and base molding.  It is pulled underneath the vinyl flooring or ceramic tile via capillary action.  It flows down the wall and sill plate until it reaches the carpet pad and it again flows between the pad and the subfloor.  The water reaches a joint between two pieces of subfloor and begins to run between them and fall onto the suspended ceiling in the finished basement, or it flows into the crawlspace and soaks your insulation. It is the water you don’t see and are unable to clean up that will cause secondary damage and mold growth if it is not found and dried properly.  SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties has the ability to find this hidden water and develop a drying plan to remove it from your home.  Our technicians are equipped with state of the art meters and cameras that ensure that no areas of possible water intrusion are over looked.  If you have experienced water damage in your Roaring Gap or Glade Valley home then call SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties, 336 677 1415 to make sure there are no pockets of water left undetected.

Some tips to prevent sewage back ups in your Bermuda Run NC home.

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Sewage back up form toilet This toilet back up from a blockage in the septic lines in Bermuda Run, NC
  • Never flush anything other than toilet paper down the drain. Even “flush-able wipes” should never go into the toilet.  They should be disposed of in a trash receptacle only.
  • Use a strainer to prevent most hair from going down the drain in the tub and shower and dispose of the collected hair in the trash.
  • We will say it again; never ever flush paper towels down the toilet. They do not break down when flushed and will block your drain lines.
  • Tree roots can and will grow into your sewage lines, causing blockages. The older your home the more you need to address trees and roots located in proximity to your drain pipes.
  • Hot grease in your drain will solidify when it comes in contact with the water in your p-traps and sewage lines creating a solid mass of grease that is not water soluble. Let grease cool and dispose of it in your trash receptacle to prevent back ups.

Remember to contact your local SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties for assistance! We are always here to help!! 336 677 1415

What to do until help arrives: Water damage in Wilkesboro

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Damaged ceiling in Wilkesboro Water damage in Wilkesboro North Carolina

What should you do or not do if you come home to your Wilkesboro home to find standing water in your home?  Follow these tips to stay safe and protect your home.


  • Shut off the source! If you don’t know how or where your water shut off is, find it today! If you can not shut it off call a plumber.
  • Cut power to wet areas by killing the circuit breakers, assuming the access to the fuse box is safe.
  • Mop/shop vac up as much excess water as possible.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture.
  • Remove and stack furniture cushions to allow air circulation to aid in drying.
  • Place aluminum foil under the legs of furniture in wet areas.
  • Remove and secure valuable and moisture sensitive items
  • Secure long draperies out of reach of wet flooring
  • Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, 336 677 1415 to help fix your water damage.


  • Enter rooms with standing water until electricity has been turned off.
  • Leave books, newspapers, or other colored items on wet flooring to prevent stains.
  • Use televisions, computers or other electrical items while standing carpet of flooring.
  • Enter rooms with sagging/wet ceilings
  • Turn on ceiling fans or lights where ceilings are affected

What about my floors?

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Hardwood floor slats torn from floor This hardwood floor was damaged by a broken supply line.

One of the first questions often asked of SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties technicians when they enter a customer’s home or business is, “does my flooring have to come out?”.  A lot of the times that answer is yes.  Ultimately this answer comes down to two factors. 1.  What type of flooring you have and 2. The source of the water.  Most flooring does not react well to contact with water.  Almost all of your laminate floorings would require removal regardless of the water source.  The same is true of some carpets, especially ones that are latex backed (latex is water soluble).  Even when the source of the water is not an issue and you have flooring that will stand up to water damage it still may be necessary to remove your flooring in order to save/prevent damage to your subfloor. The source of water can also have an effect on the ability of the restoration contractor to save your flooring.  Clean water (category one) from a broken supply line can sometimes be dried without removal of carpet or pad, but if there is a vapor barrier present (some pad has a plastic lining over it) it will prevent it from drying out and will create the risk of secondary damage and mold growth if left I n place.  The same goes for vinyl flooring.  The vinyl is a vapor barrier and will prevent the effective drying of materials beneath it.  Category two (gray water, think used bath water) and category three (black water, think sewage or flood waters) are significantly more contaminated than category one water.  In the case of category three water it is treated as sewage contamination and any flooring contacted would be removed with the exception of ceramic tile, as non porous materials can be cleaned and sanitized.  In other words, your technician will make a decision based on a number of factors and then advise you on the recommended course of action to best mitigate your damages and protect your health and safety.  Should water damage become at issue at your properties, contact our team at SERVPRO of Davie & Yadkin Counties for help, 336 677 1415.

A day in the life of a SERVPRO Technician

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You never know what your going to get on a water damage.

At SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties no two days are ever the same.  In fact, no two water damages are ever the same.  Last week we assisted a homeowner in Advance, NC with a flooded crawlspace due to a malfunction with their well pump.  Our technicians were not the only residents in the crawlspace.  Due to the damp and warm conditions snakes had moved in.  As many as five snakes had taken up residence above the insulation.  After some critter wrangling by the snake removing professionals the water damage mitigation was resumed.  Later in the week we assisted another homeowner with a water damage from a leaking dishwasher in Mocksville, NC.  Upon our arrival the homeowner asked that we remove our shoes to perform her mitigation.  After explaining our processes for hardwood floor removal and OSHA regulations the homeowner gladly relented and allowed our technicians to remain shod while tearing our her hardwood floors.  Safety is always first and foremost for our customers and technicians at SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties.  Good thing there were not snakes in the kitchen!

What was the source of my water damage?

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Water categories in Bermuda Run NC.

Did you know that water damages are separated into three categories depending on the source of the water?  These categories define the relative contamination levels contained in the water and the relative danger it poses to occupants.   The three categories are:

Category 1:  Clean water, water from a broken supply pipe.  Category 1 water contains no contamination and does not pose a threat to occupants. 

Category 2:  Category two water contains a significant degree of contaminants and could cause discomfort/illness when occupants are exposed to them.  Examples of category two water include overflow from washing machines and or dishwashers.  

Category 3:  Category three water is grossly unsanitary and can cause severe discomfort/sickness.  Sources of category three water are sewage back flows, flood waters.  

Category one and category two water that is not removed from a home expediently can progress to a category three contamination level.  This makes time very important when a homeowner in Bermuda Run is deciding on whether or not to involve a restoration contractor.  Make sure you call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, (1 336 677 1415) quickly to ensure that your Bermuda Run water damage is re mediated quickly and correctly to protect your home and loved ones.  

All three categories require different levels of care to be sure that the occupants of your home are protected from the dangers they can harbor.  Make sure that your restoration contractor knows the difference, call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties, (1 336 677 1415) today.

Hidden water damage potential in Advance NC

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Hose Bib, Hillsdale Baptist Church, Advance NC

Do you know what a hose bib is and what it is designed to do.  A hose bib is most often used as an outdoor spigot.  The shut of valve in a hose bib is designed to be inside the wall cavity away from the mouth of the spigot to prevent your outdoor spigot from freezing.  Many homeowners in Advance NC forget about their outdoor spigots as it moves towards winter time and they fail to remove their garden house.  What happens with the garden hose attached when the temps begin to fall in to the teens and single digits?  As we all know when water freezes it expands.  The water in your hose freezes an pushes back into the hose bib and can cause this section of pipe to freeze and burst that its in front of the cutoff valve.  So now the homeowner has a burst pipe that they are not even aware of.  The hole in the pipe will not become evident until they turn on their spigot in the spring time and water begins to flow from the hole into the wall cavity.  The moral of this story is to always disconnect your garden hoses from your outdoor spigots before the temperature drops.  This will prevent this from happening to you!   

If you find yourself this spring with water pouring out of your wall behind your outdoor spigot then call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties 336 677 1415

Commercial water damage in Yadkinville

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This water damage was due to a broken riser supplying the fire suppression system.

When a 25,000 square office building for a local textile company in Yadkinville experienced a broken eight inch water riser they understood that prompt reaction was important to minimize their business interruption.  They called SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties for help with the water removal and dry out.  SERVPRO crews were onsite in less than one hour to begin the extraction of what was estimated to be 150,000 gallons of water from the broken riser.  Because of the source of the water, it was considered category two contamination.  Category two contamination requires the use of antimicrobials and cleaning to ensure that the affected areas is cleaned to IICRC standards.  A SERVPRO large loss team was dispatched at the request of the franchise to assist with the size and scope of the loss, ensuring that the business interruption was minimized.  Equipment including 38 dehumidifiers and 200 airmovers were used to quickly bring the moisture levels down in the building and return it to a dry condition.  When complete, the dry out took seven days and was completed with zero interruption to their business.  To ensure that your commercial business is able to minimize interruption from a fire or water damage make sure to contact SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties as soon as the damage happens. 

To clean or not to clean?

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Potential contaminants present in a plumbing back flow need to be sanitized professionally

When the toilet backs up and floods your office do you have the maintenance man come and clean it up?  Many times this is the first choice of a unit or business manager. If they stopped and considered the potential for contamination and illness they may consider having it professionally cleaned and sanitized.  Any plumbing back up that originates beyond the P trap is considered to be category three water.  Category three water is considered "grossly contaminated and can cause significant adverse reactions to humans if contacted".  If this category three water flows into the carpet and under the walls how do you remove the contamination and sanitize your work space?  In this case, your maintenance guy with a shop vacuum and a fan is not going to do the trick and in fact may make the problem worse.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties has the training and equipment to sanitize your sewage contamination so that the health and safety of your employees are not jeopardized.  Specialized procedures are used to contain the contaminated area and prevent the spread of the contaminants to other areas.  A combination of cleaning and antimicrobial application as well as the removal of porous materials will ensure that your employees are protected from any potential contact with the contaminants.  Call us to today 336 677 1415 if you have any questions or concerns about your water damage. 

Water Damage and Your HVAC System

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This homeowner's condensate pump overflowed and damaged the ceiling in the master bath.


In the North Carolina area, we are approaching season changes from summer to fall, then winter. Our present use of an HVAC system is to keep us cool until we switch over to our heating environment. With the constant use of our heating and air conditioning systems, they should be monitored for any potential damage that can lead to significant problems. For instance, a clogged condensate drain pipe can make an HVAC system drain pan overflow. The drain pipe is one of the most frequent causes of water removal repairs in our area. Drain pipe fittings can become disconnected from the unit and allow the condensate to drain through the ceiling to the floor. A malfunctioning or dirty pump can also cause extensive water leakage. When the drain pipe becomes clogged, the water will quickly back up the line and then into the drain pan. The water fills up the pan until it overflows. A malfunctioning condensate pump can cause water leakage from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, flooding the basement or attic. Due to the continuous presence of water, mold can grow inside the unit, causing it to become clogged. Additional damages caused by heating and air conditioning units, involves wet soggy carpets, ceiling collapse or drywall damage. Other issues that can create water damage from an HVAC system includes low refrigerant, no-trap and air vent in the drain line and condensate buildup in a ductwork system that is not properly insulated. If you want to make sure that your system is operating well and is not about to flood your home, give SERVPRO a call to prevent any risk of water damage issues. When properly maintained, your HVAC system provides a comfortable indoor environment year-round. But, if your HVAC system does present problems, call the experts - SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties. We are close neighbors because we are locally owned and operated. Our professional technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at (336)677 1415.

Water Damage Remediation Mistakes: What You Need To Know

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Water will seek out the path of least resistance, this home in Lewisville NC had water in the ceiling and walls from an overhead leak.

Water damage is one of the most difficult household issues that a residential property owner may have to handle. Unfortunately, the restoration process can complicate the difficulties produced by water damage if it is not completed quickly and correctly. Nevertheless, learning more about the potential problems that can result from ineffective water damage restoration work can empower homeowners to make smart decisions that whip their homes back into great shape:

What Can Go Wrong?

There are three primary problems that can complicate or limit the efficacy of water damage remediation services. Some of them include:

1. Failing To Locate All Of The Moisture.

One of the problems that can transpire during the water damage remediation process is a failure to locate all of the existing moisture. As remediation experts know, water is capable of traveling throughout the entire home, and it is not always easy to find all of it. In the event that you attempt to finish the water damage cleanup process by yourself, you can count on overlooking, at least, a few areas where the water has begun to reside. Moreover, hiring a remediation contractor who does not complete the initial moisture assessment accurately will preclude him or her from exacting the drying efforts correctly.


2. Not Drying To Completion.

Another issue that can surface during the water damage remediation process is a failure to dry the property completely. You will be able to tell that the property has not been thoroughly dried when you note that your drywall begins to stain, warp, or bubble. If your property is not dried completely following water damage, you make your living space susceptible to water damage.

3. Improper Drying.

One final issue you may encounter during the water damage remediation process is improper drying. This scenario can surface when the evaporated moisture is not collected and disposed of through proper use of dehumidifiers. Improper drying typically results when a homeowner attempts to complete the process with fans. Although the water will evaporate in the air, it will then travel to another area of the property and get that region wet.

Call SERVPRO Immediately

As made clear by the information noted above, several issues can surface during the water damage remediation process. The key to ensuring that the process is completed correctly is hiring a team of trained, professional water damage restoration experts. The company to call is SERVPRO. All of our IICRC-certified professionals will provide you with the precise, detail-oriented services that remove all water and restore your property to its original condition. We're ready to assist you immediately, so call us today at 336-677-1415. 

When and why you need a water damage specialist?

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When and why you need a water damage specialist?

Flooded basements are common after excessive rains in the Western Piedmont of North Carolina.  This basement of this home in Wilkesboro, NC flooded during the rains from a tropical storm.  Often times water that moves across the ground before entering your home is not covered under your homeowners policy.  These Flood waters are classified by the IICRC as Category Three, Grossly contaminated, requiring specialized cleaning procedures and antimicrobials to ensure the return of your home to sanitary state.  Your local carpet cleaner may be able to remove the standing water, but are they trained and qualified to remove the resulting contaminants to ensure the safety of your family?  Our technicians have the equipment and training to make your home "Like it never even happened."  Make sure you entrust your restoration needs to a qualified contractor.  Call SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties at 336 677 1415.

Frozen Pipes, Roaring Gap

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Results of frozen pipes in Roaring Gap, NC.

Vacation homes often sit vacant for extended periods of time, particularly in the colder months.  This increases the likelihood of any damages going undiscovered for a longer period of time. This vacation home in Roaring Gap, NC was the victim of multiple frozen pipes.  The water ran for more than three weeks before the homeowner discovered the damages.  If you are leaving your property for an extended period of time make sure to winterize your home.  Close the water supply, shutoff and drain the hot water heater and add RV antifreeze to your sinks, toilets and bathtubs. This can minimize your risk from a catastrophic plumbing failure due to freezing temperatures.  Always maintain the heat in your home at a level that will protect from the freezing temperature.  Failure to maintain heat is a common coverage issue for property owners filing a water damage claim for frozen pipes.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties was able to dry the home and ready it for rebuild. 

Flooded Basement in Advance NC

1/14/2016 (Permalink)

Flooded Basement in Advance, NC

This home in Advance NC developed numerous pipe leaks as the copper pipes deteriorated over time.  When the homeowner went to service her HVAC air handler she discovered that her basement had flooded with 20" of water.  SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties was called in to clean and dry the home.  Water that flows across the soil in your crawlspace is grossly contaminated and is treated with the same standard as raw sewage (called Category Three Water by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, IICRC).  This water originated in an unfinished area of the crawlspace and flowed into the basement HVAC room.  The finished basement HVAC room had to be cleaned and sanitized of the contaminants Both the basement and the adjacent crawlspace were dried out "Like it never even happened."

Flooded Church Basement in Mocksville, NC

11/17/2015 (Permalink)

This Church basement in Mocksville, NC was filled with silt and other pollutants from rain water runoff.

A Church Basement in Mocksville, NC was prone to flooding from drainage issues, rendering the fellowship hall and Sunday school classes unusable for extended periods.  After repeated floodings a church representative called SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties.  After a thorough wash and cleaning conducted to IICRC standards the Church was ready for Homecoming Services, "Like it never even happened".

Storm water runoff is often contaminated with sewage, fertilizers and other contaminants that make it harmful to people.  Leave the cleanup to the professionals!

SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties can provide your church with an Emergency Readiness Plan designed to minimize your business interruption by centralizing your critical contacts along with the locations of electrical/gas shutoffs into a ready available document.  This ensures that in times of crisis, all critical personnel, sub contractors and utilities are identified and contacted.