Storm Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO technician with a ceiling with opened sheetrock

Storm Brings Water Damage to Advance Home

SERVPRO technicians work to remove the minimum amount of building materials during the mitigation after storm damage in Advance properties. They can find the location of water from a damaged roof by using their advanced moisture detection equipment.

SERVPRO technician with water extraction equipment in warehouse

Mocksville Warehouse Needs Help After Commercial Storm Damage

The timer starts ticking on commercial storm damage, especially in a Mocksville warehouse where stock gets stored. Due to the possibility of contaminants being present in the water, the technicians wore protective clothing for safe extraction of the water from the concrete floors. 

SERVPRO technicians drilling weep holes in wall

Advance Church Gets Assistance with Commercial Storm Damage Cleanup

When commercial storm damage poured into this Advance property, SERVPRO was on the scene quickly to perform actions to lessen the water loss. The tech in his photo is drilling weep holes to assist with both draining and drying.

cleaned living area, walls cut at the three-foot level

Storm Cleanup Look in Advance

This Photo illustrates how SERVPRO leaves a home after performing a storm damage cleanup and restoration service. The place is sanitized; an EPA-approved disinfectant has been applied to safeguard the home from pathogens. The flood cuts have prepared the walls for the installation of new wallboard.

warehouse concrete pad, dry, walls flood cut to 4 feet revealing the steel studs

Bermuda Run Flooding Demolition

SERVPRO techs removed the remaining groundwater from this warehouse in Bermuda Run swiftly to mitigate damage to the inventory. Rapid response can save our customers money and keep their enterprise viable. A flood cut limited the demolition and build back materials needed. Dry and disinfected!

equipment drying out the wet floor, still a few puddles, by a desk office area

Advance Storm-Damaged Home Office

The driving rainstorm dumped a large quantity of liquid via the window into this home office in an Advance property. Because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, our SERVPRO crew mitigated the storm damage. Since this was not contaminated groundwater, we placed air movers and an LGR to dry out this area. Still working on this project.

Wall with mold covered insulation exposed

Mold remediation in Yadkinville

This customer had a water leak inside a wall for an extended period of time, resulting in extensive mold contamination in their basement. SERVPRO of Davie and Yadkin Counties was able to remove all contaminated materials, clean the structure and restore the basement "Like it never even happened."